Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use

Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use

Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use

COMES WITH BRITA WTER FILTER. COMES WITH ALL ACCESSORIES TO GET STARTED. PLEASE SEE VIDEO BELOW OF ACTUAL MACHINE IN ACTION! Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code. Hello and welcome to the sale of this'Wega Sibilla' traditional espresso machine.

I have to start off by saying this machine is in great condition, both cosmetically and mechanically. It is a perfect machine for anyone who is completely new to the wonderful world of coffee, and is absolutely perfect for someone who is setting up a cafe/coffee shop, tearoom etc. This is a commercial grade machine and comes complete ready to go!

Included in this sale you will recieve the following. 1 Sibilla 3 group traditional espresso machine. 1 Mazzer Super Jolly commercial coffee grinder. 1 stainless steel knock drawer.

1 Brita Purity C500 Quell ST water filter - filter has had very little use and will be good for at least 18 months before changing depending on coffee output. 1 external water pump with BRAND NEW rotary vein pump. All neccessary stainless steel and rubber hoses to connect the machine to mains water supply. 1 tub of PulCaff cleaning powder (for backflushing the machines group heads). 1 blanking plate (for use with the PulyCaff cleaning powder).

1 group head cleaning brush. 1 steam wand cleaning brush. 3 spare group head seals.

1 plastic stencil (for putting over your cappuccinos and dusting with cocoa to achieve a nice pattern on the foam). 1 barista cleaning towel (the towel clips to the barista so is always ready to use). 1 microfibre cleaning cloth for wiping down steam wands after use. 2 shot glasses (for measuring and dosing your espresso sizes when programming machine). 1 57mm tamper for tamping your coffee in the portafilter after grinding.

1 rubber non-slip tamping mat. 1 stainless steel cocoa shaker.

4 stainless steel milk foaming jugs in an assortment of sizes. AL OF THE EQUIPMENT LISTED ABOVE APART FROM THE MACHINE, GRINDER, WATER FILTER AND KNOCK DRAWER ARE BRAND NEW AND NEVER BEEN USED!! With this setup you will be able to produce amazingly authentic espresso, latte, cappuccino, americano, hot chocolate etc etc. Obviously with this being a traditional style machine it does take a little bit more practice and time to create your drinks, but the end products are so much better than an automatic bean to cup machine or vending machine.

If you are completely new to this I have no problems at all training you at my workshop on how to use the machine and get the best from it. I can show you how to produce the espresso, steam the milk for different drinks, construct the drinks, operate all the machines functions and how to carry out good cleaning and maintenance. You will also find that your customers will much prefer coffee from a traditional machine. Much more than if you was to be pressing a button on a bean to cup machine and watching it pour itself.

The grinder that comes with the sale is a Mazzer Super Jolly. If you are familiar with these then you will know they are very expensive and looked at as being one of the best brands of grinder on the market. This grinder is working great and has been cleaned thoroughly. It is ready to use along with the stainless steel knock drawer which is used to store your used coffee pucks after extracting coffee. The grinder has been fitted with a brand new hopper collar as the old one was a little bit damaged and the last thing you want is it breaking completely and endin gup with coffee beans all over the floor.

The stainless steel knock drawer has also been fitted with a brand new knock bar inside it so it is ready to go! I use this same process on every machine that I sell on regardless of original condition.

This machine has been refurbished by myself, but not recently. It was done last year prior to being rented out to a local restaurant. But I will tell you what work the machine had last year during its refurbishment. It has been well maintained/serviced by myself since, and has always been run on a quality Brita water filter to ensure no scale build up occured.

I have checked the machines boiler and it still completely scale free, and I have carried out a thorough service, replacing all the perishable seals and gaskets. So last year when the machine was overhauled we stripped it down to its bare frame and steam cleaned the frame. The frame is in excellent condition and has no signs of damage. All the pipe work on the machine was deassembled and descaled in our specially formulated solution. The group heads, boiler and all the valves were also fully descaled, rinsed and cleaned before being reassembled.

The boilers heating element was also completely descaled and is still in top working condition. Limescale is the arch enemy of all espresso machines. It generally builds up within a machines boiler and pipework so it is very hard to detect unless you can get a good look inside. Some tell tale signs of bad scale are white'furring' around the joints amd if the machine is generally running slow. Water should flow freely from the grouphead at a good rate, and the machine should heat up quickly.

You should also have good quality'dry' steam from the steam wands, if you are not getting all of this then the machine you are looking at could well have limescale inside. A machine with bad scale damage will run slowly, run less efficient and produce poor espresso. It will also be dangerous as the scale can cause important safety features to stop working properly!

So that is the reason that ALL of my machines are completely descaled, regardless of what condition they are in when they come in. But rest assured this machine has been done properly and is working perfectly as the video shows.

During reassembly all the parts were put back together using all brand new O rings, seals, rubber gaskets, filters etc etc. Basically anything that would wear and perish over time was changed for brand new. The machine is working perfectly, produces excellent espresso and is completely leak free! It heats up quickly, recovers quickly and runs very efficiently.

It is safe and ready to use. I have fitted the group heads on the machine with brand new Cafelat Silicone group head seals. These are quite new on the market and are quite expensive.

The idea of them is that because they are made of a silicone rubber they last longer and do not go brittle. When they eventually wear down and are due replacement they will still be nice and soft which makes it alot easier to get them out of the group heads. It can be a real nightmare if normal rubber group head seals have been left in the group head for too long as they go really hard and brittle, and sometimes you have to chisel them out. With these new Cafelat silicone seals that will not happen, and the fact that they are blue in colour which matches the coffee machine is completely coincidental, but still a very nice touch.

A great attribute of this machine is that the groupheads are raised to allow for tall takeaway cups to fit underneith. As you can see via the pics a 12oz and 10oz cup will comfrotably fit underneith. This is really important if you are wanting to efficiantly serve takeaway coffee.

The espresso can be extracted directly into the cup as you steam your milk using one of the two steam wands. The machine can be operated by two people at once easily, you can have a barista on each group head and each steam wand at the same time and it wont affect the machines performance, it is designed to be used this way and in a commercial grade environment. The steam wand valves have been replaced with all new seals and gaskets and are working perfectly, opening and shutting off easily.

The touchpads on the machine have been programmed by myself to deliver the'standard' dosages. It is very simple but there is no need to do it unless you specifically want to. There is also a drain tap located underneath the drip try which can be used to completley drain the machines boiler. This is perfect if you are wanting to store the machine safely for a period of timeor if you want to change the water in the boiler. It is good maintenance to change the water in the boiler if it has been stood inactive for a long period of time.

Drainign the boiler also make the machine much easier to move and transport as the big boiler can add alot of weight when full. The machine is aimed at someone who is wanting a high grade commercial output machine, capable of producing 200+ cups per day. Having three group heads can be beneficial in that you can produce more drinks per hour, but also it means that if a group head should ever fail then you have two more to use until a repair is sought. I have fitted the machine with a BRAND new rotary vein pum.

These pumps are designed ot be changed every few years so rest assured this one will not need changing for a while. It is working perfectly and calibrated to the right pressure so that excellent espresso shots are achieved. The pump on this machine is moutned externally, so usually underneith the machine in a cupboard This is good as it makes the machine alot quieter as there are no vibrations, and also it is quick and easy to change/maintain if you ever have to. It also makes it very quick to adjust the pressure if you want to, I can show you how to do this if you are unfamiliar however it is not something you will have routinely do.

It comes with alt he neccessary pipes and connectors to make sure you can quickly and easily get it set up. All you need is an everyday 3/4 mains water supply (same as what your washing machine connects to at home). The steam power on this machine is fantastic. It will happily steam away all day.

The machine will require a 32amp supply. If you wish I can downrated the heating element for you so that it can be used with smaller electric supplies. However I would not recommend downrated the machine below 20 amps. The machine is designed with a big boiler to be able to cope with high demand, if we downrate the heating element too much then it will not run efficiently.

If you only have 13amp supplies then you will be much better off looking for a smaller 1 group, possibly 2 group machine. It will require connecting to a mains water connection (same as your washing machine at home) and it comes with all the necessary fittings to get it quickly connected. If it is looked after and serviced regular then it will go on working perfectly for many years to come. Parts for these machine are very easily to come across and readily available.

If you are local to me I can contine to maintain and service this machine for you. The machine comes with three portafilter handles, two doubles and a single portafilter. I have also included a blank cleaning plate as well so that you are able to regularly back flush the machine and keep it clean. It is a really cool looking machine and deserves to be a centre piece in your place. As well as looking the business, it is a top quality high end coffee machine.

All the parts on the machine are of high grade. Parts are readily available for these machines as Wega use the same parts throughout there range of machine.

They are one of the main suppliers of espresso machines in the world and any engineer worth his salt will be 100% comfortable working on one of these machines. They are very easily maintable and if you are a competent DIYer I will be more than happy to walk you/talk you through a basic front end service and good basic maintenace. I have included with the sale 3 group seals so that in a years time you can routinely change these without having to wait for an engineer to be called out. These are the seals that need changin most often as they are in direct contact with heat all the time (they are lodged within the machines group heads) and are constantly rubbing against the portafilter handles. They are used to creat a good tight seal with the group head and portafilter when brewing the espresso. Espresso is brewed at 9bar pressure so it is important to make sure a good seal is always obtained, which is why I have included 3 spares for future use. The panels on this machine are in good condition. There is small scratches and blemishes here and there but overall I would rate it is very good. The pictures speak for themselves and are a true reflection of the machines condition. I would love you to come and inspect the machine, have a play with it and make sure that it what you are looking for. I can give you full training if you are new to espresso machines, I can show you how to use and clean the machine, and how to create different drinks. I don't delve into other commercial catering equipment, I specialise in coffee machines. You are welcome to view the machine anytime at my workshop which is located in between Leeds and Doncaster, postcode is DN14 0RX.

The machine will be wrapped properly and get to you safely. I use a very good courier who I have never had any issues with.

The machine is of course open for you to collect youself, infact I would prefer this as it gives me an opportunity to demonstrate the machine to you and run through any questions you may have, however I fully appreciate this isnt always possible for people who are living at the other end of the country. If anything did occur through no fault of your own within a reasonable time I would have no problems posting out replacement parts. Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this listing, I hope I havent bored you too much. Again if there is anything you would like to discuss, please contact me asap. I have so many more pictures and videos of the machine available, if you would like to see them please just ask, I wish I could fit them all on here! The item "COMMERCIAL TRADITIONAL ESPRESSO COFFEE MACHINE & ALL EQUIPMENT READY TO USE" is in sale since Wednesday, August 24, 2016. This item is in the category "Business, Office & Industrial\Restaurant & Catering\Bar/ Drinks Equipment\Coffee Machines".

91" and is located in Goole, North Yorkshire. This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.

Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine & All Equipment Ready To Use

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