Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished

Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished
Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished

Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished


MAINS WATER CONNECTION - 240v 16amp. SEE VIDEO BELOW FOR ACTUAL MACHINE IN ACTION! Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code. Hello and welcome to the sale of my La Spaziale S5 traditional espresso machine.

If you are familiar with these machines then you will know that they are probably one of the best brands on the market. So this model is the S5. It is a step up from the compact S5 version, and the big brother of the ever popular S3 if you like. The machine oozes cool and really looks the business. You do have to expect to pay slightly more for parts/servicing etc of a La Spaziale machine, the reason being that they are simply a better quality machine thn most others out there and the build quailty of their parts warrant the slightly adjusted price.

That being said you definately get what you pay for with these machines and you can expect them to last alot longer and perform better for longer than other machines on the market. It is a serious commercial grade machine which is designed and built to provide consistantly good espresso drinks. It is the type of machine you repair and keep serviced as it will last alot of years, as opposed to a cheaper machine which some would use until it was simply time to replace it with a new one. La Spaziale have designed there own different technology for how the brew water is heated for extraction.

Basically the majority of machines use a heat exchanger system which is heated by water in the boiler. However the Spaziale uses steam to heat the water in the heat exchangers. This makes for a much more efficient way of heating the machine, and also gives the group heads a more consistant and stable brew temperature which is crucial for producing excellent shots time after time. You can pull shots on this machine all day long, whilst steaming milk pitcher after milk pitcher and it wont miss a beat!

The machine is geared towards high capacity output, and is designed to be worked and used daily! As you can see in the pictures the machine has been completely stripped down to a bare frame. The steel frame was then steam cleaned to give a perfect clean base to start from.

It has four high feet which lift the espresso machine up from the counter top. As well as giving the machine a great look it also gives practical access to underneith the machine for cleaning etc. All the pipework, boilers, groupheads etc have been completely taken apart and set aside for descaling and cleaning.

The element was removed from the boiler and also set aside. Both group heads were also removed and completely descaled, cleaned and polished. The inners of the group heads have been proeprly cleaned and are running perfectly. The group heads have been fitted all brand new group shower plates, La Spaziale group seals, shims, all brand new O rings and copper washers.

Like I have already said the groups are all running wonderfully and pulling great espresso shots! All the pipe work within the machine has been descaled and polished up prior to being reassembled. The heating element has also been descaled and fitted back into the boilers using brand new heating element teflon gaskets. The boiler has also been properly descaled, cleaned and lightly polished as can be seen in the internal pictures. To be fair the limescale in this machine wasnt bad at all, it had been run on a decent water filtration unit prior to it coming in. However we treat every espresso machine exacly the same regardless of its condition.

We have a set programme that we follow when refurbishing an espresso machine which means even if the limescale isnt too bad it still gets descaled. The reason for this is we cannot simply look into the boiler and say'yea its fine there's no scale', there is too much of the machine that the eye cannot see and for this reason we go through the descaling procedure to make sure all limescale is completley eleminated before releasing the machine to a customer. Limescale is without doubt the biggest killer of espresso machines.

If left untreated it can do really bad damage. It blocks up pipework, surrounds the heating elements and causes the machine to run slow and less efficiantly.

The machine will also be alot less economical and can even cause important safety features to fail. So you can rest assured that this machine has been properly descaled and is running perfectly. Everything is hot, tight and and leak free. The machine is running perfectly and most importantly of all it is safe!

The machine has two steam wands which deliver perfect steam, great for microfoam! You will be able to steam on this machine all day long!

The steam valves have been properly cleaned and fitted with new seals, gaskets etc and are working brilliantly. The stem rods have been lubricated so they turn on and off easily and quickly. I find that users of these machines are a big fan of how the steam wands are operated.

Usually machines use a knob which you will turn clockwise/anticlockwise to open/close, where as this Spaziale uses a basic lever mechanism. Simply pushing the lever up will open the steam wand fully, and pulling it back down will instantly close it. It makes it really easy to steam milk, especially if you are new to using a machine. Alot of time new users are unsure how much to open the steam valve, and they are worried too much about that whilst trying to concentrate on the milk and other things and the result is poorly foamed milk (whoch usually ends up out of the jug and on the fkoor) The lever mechanism means you open it, forget about it, steam the milk, them shut it off. Really simple and efficient to use.

The steam tips on the S5 are also designed in a way that makes milk foaming really easy. With a little practice you will be creating great microfoam to create your lattes and cappuccinos. Obviously if you are used to using a traditional espresso machine then making the transition to this S5 will be even simpler.

The hot water outlet is located towards the left hand side and is operated in the exact same way as you would open the steam wands. The outer panels are finished in a modern, clean white. It looks wonderful and goes great against the black and stainless steel. The panels are all in really good condition and the machine is a real eye catcher.

There are obviously the odd marka nd blemish on the machine but absolutely nothing terrible that would deter you from investing in such a machine. If you are in any doubt whatsoever I do urge you to come and have a look at the machine. Any inspection both internally and externally is completely welcome, and you are also encouraged to have a play with the machine to make sure you are satisfied with its workings.

The panels on the machine are all easily removed for access eithe rby yourselves or engineers. The main components on the machine are either situated below the cup tray (which simply lifts out after removing 2 screws) or behind either of the 2 side panels again this simply slide off after the removal of 2 screws.

From here you can access the heating element, rotary vein pump, autofill probe, blow off valve etc etc, basically all the major compnents that may need servicing in the future. Parts for these machines are all readily available and any semi-decent espresso engineer will be familiar with them. The machines are a fan of espresso engineers because of there build quality and how easy they are to work on. It is important to keep up on the routine servicing and maintenance of any espresso machine.

A service once a year will be enough to ensure the machine is in good working condition. We can carry this out for you if you are fairly local however it may obviously not be practical if you live far away ie the south coast or Scotalnd etc. It is also important to keep up with general maintence of the machine yourself, ie regular backflushing using a detergent such as PulyCaff.

This is so simple to do and too often it is overlooked. It takes 2 minutes to do and makes the world of differnece to the upkeep of your espresso machine and the quality of the coffee it will produce. Again if you are unsure about any of this do not hesitate to ask and I will be more than happy to explain through it further.

There really ar eno stupid questions, if you are unsure about anything at all just ask. The cuptray on top of the machine is heated by the internal boiler, so your coffee cups are preheated and ready to be used. There is plenty room on there to store cups.

The machine has two independant touchpads which control there own group head. These are all working perfectly and respond easily to a light touch from the user.

These group heads are all programmable and can be set to deliver whatever quantity of water you want. At the moment I have set them all up to deliver simple 1oz single and 2oz double shots as this seems to be the industry standard these days, however it is very easy to change them to whatever you want.

The heating element on the coffee machine is PID controlled. This basically means the temperature/pressure of the boiler is controlled by a sensor linked to the mains PCB board.

On lower end machines the heating element is controlled by a mechanical switch which uses steam pressure to open and close electrical contacts linked to the heating element. These work fine and are good little mechanisms however PID control is what is used in the top end machines. It allows for a much better degree of accuracy in controlling the machines pressure. It is much more consistant and stable and is widely seen as a must have upgrade in todays espresso machines. This machine was designed with PID control already built in and is easily adjusted using the touchpad on the bottom right hand side of the machine.

This touchpad is actually BRAND NEW and was bought direct from La Spaziale. The old touchpad had started to wear so I thought it best that it was replaced so that the user has complete control over the machine. You will ntoce the numbers running along the top of the espresso machine. These basically represent the temperature of the boiler. The temperature is easily adjusted using the brand new touchpad as mentioned above.

The mahcine also has a built in feature which allows you to'turn up' the pressure of the boiler during busy periods. All you do is press a button on the touchpad and the boiler pressure is increased by 2'C. The idea is that if you know you are due a busy period you can make sure you have extra pressure built up in that boiler to compensate for the high demand. A simple press of the button on the touchpad reverts the boiler setting to the original pressure.

Its a great little feature, which is simple to use and will come in handy when you have a line of 20 customers waiting for your delicious lattes! The machine really is wonderful and working perfectly.

It looks brilliant, and delivers shot after shot with great consistancy. It is also a real head turner and deserves to be centre of attention up on the counter top.

Again you are more than welcome to come and have a play with the machine and get a feel for it. There is nothing to hide on the machine and they are designed to be used hard. It will be connected up until the point of sale so viewing of the machine is available at anytime.

The machine comes with two portafilter handles, one double and one single. So everything on this machine is ready to go, it simply needs plugging in and and plumbing in and you are away! You will be producing top quality espresso drinks on a classic, iconic machine!

To find a decent S5 is rare, people do not get fid of them easily as they are such top grade commercial machines. If there is anything you are unsure about or want some advice on please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will do my best to help you out. The machine is loacted at our workshop near Doncaster/Leeds/York (postcode DN14 0RX) and can be viewed/demonstarted at any time. Like i said previously it will be connected up and can be used and fully inspected. I have been honest with the machine and there is nothing to hide on it.

It will be wrapped and packaged properly to make sure it gets to you in the same state it leaves me. Obviously this is a big, heavy grade commercial machine so if you are in any doubt at all please do get in touch to arrange a viewing. These machines are a sincere investment and everything on it has been done to ensure its longevity and make sure it goes on to perform to the best of its abilities for many years to come. As with all espresso machines it is strongly advised to have it serviced every 12 months. I have a used Brita water filter that I will include in the sale, unfortunatly I forgot to take pictures of the filter but it is a decent Brita commercial water filtration unit.

Using it will make sure that the machine stays scale free and working to the best of its abilities. If there is anything else I might of missed out please do not hesitate to ask, I can supply many more pictures or videos directly to you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this description, I hope I havent bored you too much, I just like ot be as thorough as possible to make sure the customer is completley aware of what they are investing in. It is a heavy piece of equipment and I would not feel comfortable having it floating around Europe and being able to ensure it gets to you in one piece. The UK pallet company I use are fanastic and I have complete confidence in them, which is why I have no qualms about posting within the UK. Thank you for your understanding.

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Commercial Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Spaziale S5 Fully Refurbished

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